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Twinkle ⭐️ (Smokey Quartz Skull)


Is an Elemental Being who is a Star Fairy. She facilitates the Light Energy of the Stars to assist you with your journey and manifesting your goals. Twinkle helps grant your wishes and heal broken hearts.


Goddess Arke 🌈 (Citrine Crystal Skull)


Arke (Arkê) is the Twin Sister of Goddess Iris - the Goddess of the Rainbow -  who brings rainbows and joy into your life. She repairs family relationships by releasing ancestors' karma. 


Medicina (Honey Citrine Crysstal Skull)


Is a Shaman who is a Healer and a Medicine Woman. She nurtures your inner child while nourishing and rejuvenating your energy. Medicina helps give you wisdom, spiritual vision and guidance.

Lemurian Trio

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