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Adonys (pronounced Uh don us)

Is a past life record keeper and Akashic records tour guide. He shows you your past lives and maybe even future or congruent ones. Some would call him a time traveler, but he knows that time is only an Earthly construct. He shows you this truth through something called the Mandela Effect, he will show you that there are other timelines and other you’s all living right now at the same time, but in slightly different realities.

Adonys shows you how to navigate these other timelines, realms, and dimensions. Sit with him in meditation and he will travel with you to places you thought could only exist in dreams.

He reminds you that you are not your body, you are Spirit/energy having a human experience. He reconnects you to your higher self, which will change your life for the better.

When life seems out of control or you feel stuck, meditate with him and ask for his guidance and help. He will again show you who you truly are and that it is an illusion that you are not in control.

Set up a daily spiritual practice with Adonys and watch your entire life change before you. He will bring you information to research and try, and if you follow through you will gain power over your own life again. He wants to teach you how to harness your manifesting power. He shows you how you actually create your life by the things you tell yourself each day or believe and you can change your beliefs and your outer world will change. He'll prove it to you with small things at first and as you start believing more and more you will manifest almost instantaneously.

Adonys shows you how the energies around you can be harnessed and manipulated to create the outcome you desire. He teaches you step by step how to harness your creative power again, as you did as a child.

He reminds you that you came here to literally make material things from thought and that you are a creator being and have been creating the life you see before you and if you don’t like it anymore you can change it, at any time.

Adonys will take you to past lives during dream time, and in meditation if you ask and set that intention. You will remember the lessons you learned in those lives and how they can help you in this life. You will reawaken abilities you had in other times, reminding you what is possible if you set your attention to it and believe in yourself. You will acquire your past skills back once you see yourself using them in other times.

Adonys will show you the most relevant lives to the one you are living now.

Questions you have about the universe or personally can all be answered in your visits to the Akashic records. Just ask Adonys to guide you there and to teach you how to guide yourself.

Adonys just wants to remind you of your great limitlessness and show you how to harness it all once again.

Adonys is a pre-actived 2 1/2" standard carving Quartz Crystal Skull weighing just under 1/2 of a pound.


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