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Aedion used to inhabit the sacred sword used for ceremonial purposes in ancient Mu by the High Priest. Aedion’s sword was never used as a weapon. Instead, it was used as a symbol of protection. Aedion appears as a tall male with long silvery hair. 
He wants to continue his journey to serve you by offering his protection. Keep him close to you while you are asleep and awake whenever you feel guided to. Aedion also assists you in cutting energetic cords and attachments to things (people, places, beings, or timelines) that are not serving you anymore.
He also helps to transmute anxiety from your energetic field as well.
To work with Aedion, offer him a prayer, introduce yourself and meditate with him. You might feel his energy, or he might show you his complete form. Let go of any expectations and let Aedion assist you. Be open to allow his energy to manifest in a way that resonates with your energy. Say your gratitude after every sitting with him. Aedion loves to protect, so keep him close as much as you feel guided to. Cleanse him with prayers and sage. Aedion is a pre-activated white Jade Crystal Skull.


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