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Is a guardian Being who appears in the form of a giant tiger.

He has white fur with a soft white aura. His presence feels protective and strong. He has two pairs of eyes and one eye in the middle of his forehead.
Ajna brings the gift of protection, and he works with your third eye. He helps you open your third eye to sense energy and distortion around you that are not serving you. Ajna will help to protect you from dark energy in this realm as well as from the astral realm. Keep him close to you while you are sleep.
To work with Ajna, sit down and meditate with him. Open your heart to him and introduce yourself. Ajna is very loyal and protective to his guardian/keeper. If you are sensitive to energy, you can ask him for assistance to help you to remove that distortion from your energetic field. Envision his white energy encapsulating you to form of a barrier for protection.
Offer him your love and gratitude and charge him under the sun when you feel called to. Cleanse him with sage and water on a regular basis.

Ajna is a pre-activated 1 3/4" Tiger Eye Handcarved Crystal Skull.


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