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Akua Kai

Is the androgynous, Japanese Spirit Of The Ocean Water.

She is elemental water and is about changing and flowing.

Akua Kai has the ability to see as clearly as water, the intentions of others.

This Conscious Being will help you to discern who and what to believe.

She has no judgments and asks you to add this to your practice. This alone will help you to develop your third eye expansion.

The storms of the sea  or the gentle surf is neither good or bad but just are.

You must then go with the flow, no judgments.

Akua Kai will help you develop your psychic ability and your intuitiveness.

Wear Akua Kai knowing you are part of the universe and you are not just a drop you are part of a great Ocean

Akua Kai is the facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

She is made in a Sterling Silver Ring.

This Ring was custom made for Crystal.

Akua Kai

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