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Is The song of the joyful heart.

She’s a Singer and Song Writer.

Allegre is a bright and beautiful, Happy Go Lucky Conscious Being. 

She truly is the vibrations of a full joyful Heart. 

Allegre is what brings friends together for celebrations and comforts them when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Allegre is all about bringing loved ones together, encouraging us to support one another with love, light and of course with music 

Allegre is an intuitive empath, and has just the right words to speak to a broken heart or the positive encouragement to try to give dreams a go again. 

She’s your companion and guardian providing protection and council when asked for guidance. 

Allegre speaks with her music and singing, and she will encourage you to sing along even writing your own music.

Music is at it’s essence pure intention, it’s the sound of the spirit created from the heart. 

Beautiful Music is a spiritual expression, a highly charged positive vibration that can shatter depression and calm the mind, body and spirit.

To work with Allegre sit with her in your hand to meditate daily, clearing your mind of stress and release any tension in your jaw relaxing your muscles begin to just breathe. 

Begin to tune into to your heart’s music, feel the Rhythm of life, feel the vital energies pulsating though your body and filling up your spirit with joy and a healing white light.

You may listen to instrumental music or chanting, or if it feels good to you sing your own hearts song along with Allegre.

Allegre is facilitator of the heart and crown chakras. 

She is a large high definition Fully-Activated Jasper Crystal Skull

measuring 5" in length and weighing just under 3 pounds.



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