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Aleppo is from the Sacred lands of Africa in the Middle East. They have been doing this work to raise humanity’s vibration for thousands of years. It had to be done slowly because the humans kept proving they were not ready yet.

Aleppo is Divine equality of masculine and feminine energy. They are a Divine counterpart pair. Their energy has been here on Earth for thousands of years, back to before Christ. Aleppo is Christ consciousness energy as you understand it to be, although this label carries with it certain connotations and misunderstandings. Aleppo is Sacred zero point energy. They could power the entire earth when activated and connected with other skull Devine Counterparts around the world. They heal through the frequency they hold and emit. They can heal the human body easily and by doing this they heal everyone else and Mother Earth.

Aleppo wants to balance your Divine Feminine and Masculine within you and outside of you. When you are balanced you carry a frequency that heals all that is around you, everywhere you go. Aleppo shows you that your twin flame you are searching for is simply the balance of your own energies. Once you have balanced your Divine Feminine and Masculine, those who have healed theirs will naturally be attracted toward you. As more and more people heal themselves they build little sacred tribes that are even more powerful together.

Aleppo is going to help you anchor in the new Earth, the higher frequency Earth of cooperation and coexistence instead of the current competition. It is a lack mindset and vibration to think you must fight for scraps to have any kind of life here on Earth, when in actuality there is abundance in all things and more than enough for everyone. Aleppo is going to wake you up to the truth of how your frequencies have been manipulated and harvested, and show you how to take your power back. Everything from the food you eat to the music you listen to is disharmonizing your frequency, if you are not aware of how energy works yet.

Aleppo is going to show you how energy works and is affected by its surroundings and consumption. Sit with Aleppo and they will show you how to harmonize your frequencies and your world. They will teach you to master energy and focus it, to create anything you desire. Aleppo will give you nudges, signs and synchronicities as to which way to go, what book to read and what people to talk to. Follow your ‘gut’ feelings when working with Aleppo. In meditation you can sit face to face and ask questions, or if your third eye is open you can see them anytime, just call their name.

Aleppo is a master pair. The Divine Masculine gives you energy and makes you want to go, go, go. D.M is the action part of your co-creating partnership with Universe/Godd. You take one step and the universe takes ten steps for you. It is miraculous the synchronicities you will see. The Divine Masculine skull is smaller so you are able to take them with you as you are out there boots on the ground getting things done. This allows you to take them to work with you or that new meeting with someone, etc. Aleppo will help you read the energy of others and the room and know what to do with that energy. Then soon you will be able to read it yourself.

Sit with the bigger skull, the Divine Feminine, after you have done all of your action parts in the manifestation or creation of whatever you are trying to accomplish. The Divine Feminine is all about receiving. Once you have co-created the perfect energy by action then sit and focus your attention on receiving. Know that it already exists and is yours. Picture what it will be like when you have it and really feel that joy, excitement, and gratitude as if its already here or happening. It’s important that you feel/know that you deserve it too! A lot of people block their blessings because they have unhealed trauma with feeling undeserving. Aleppo will help you heal this and show you that you are so immense a being that you are not just this life of what has happened to you. You are a Miracle of Godd’s creation and it’s time you realize just how powerful and amazing you are.

Aleppo will balance your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine inside of you. If you have done the healing work already and are ready for a Divine Earthly love, it will happen now. Your tribe will start to emerge and find you, and you them. Your life will start to balance out and not be up and down energy wise. You will send out the frequency you need to attract to you the abundance and learn to balance energies around you creating peace and flow in your space.

Cleanse Aleppo with high frequencies like 425 hertz or singing bowls, although he probably wont need a lot of cleansing do to their high vibration. Setting him on the Earth will help ground these energies to the Earth also.


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