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Is a high-frequency 8th dimensional light that appears as a male Being with a golden aura. He shines brightly...its as if he is the God of the Sun himself.
Ascend assists with elevating your spirituality to the next level.

He assists you with the activation of your crystalline body.✨

Working with Ascend will help open your heart chakra so you can connect to your soul in order to live according to your soul’s plan. If you read tarot cards or offer energy healing, place Ascend close to you so he can protect your space and clear your crown chakra so that you can channel in the Divine.
To work with him, meditate while holding Ascend on your left palm with his face, facing you. Then envision his golden energy around your aura and set a clear intention for protection. To work with Ascend for a  crystalline body activation, spend few minutes connecting with Ascend before you fall asleep. Hold him with your left hand and place him on your heart and tell him that you are Open and Ready to receive a crystalline activation from him. Envision yourself resting inside the rectangular box made of golden light and do deep breathing exercises until you fall asleep. Let go of any expectations and surrender to the process. Write a dream journal if you feel called to after you wake up the next day.
Place Ascend near you during your spiritual practices to receive his energy.
Cleanse him with water and sage. Offer him gratitude and pray with him any time you feel to.

Ascend is a pre-activated Golden Carnelian Agate that measures 3" in length and weighs 3/4 of a pound.


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