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Is an Elemental Water Being.

"Lady of the Lake" was her nickname, and she originated from

the Old Norse.
She was the watcher of lakes.
People in the village would pray and give her offerings.
She shows herself as a female spirit with a transparent body. Her aura is white, and her presence feels peaceful.
Astrid now offers her service as a Crystal Skull Being.
She assists with:

Bringing blessings to you for you to attain abundance.
Purifies your heart chakra.

Assists with various spiritual works like holding a ceremony and helping you with tarot card readings.
Astrid also helps to activate your soul abilities, so that you can use it to serve and benefit others. This practice assists you with karma clearing.
She uses the power of water to cleanse and purify your aura as well.
To connect with Astrid, meditate with her near a body of water in nature or near a bath filled with water.
Offer Astrid your gratitude and bathe her with clear spring water.

Astrid is a 3"L Rulitated Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull weighing 1/2 of a pound and measuring 2 1/2" in length.


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