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Aura Crystal

This special Crystal -cleanses and seals your Aura.


This 1.5” long dynamic 3-sided natural double terminated Vogel cut Quartz Crystal was specially designed to harmonize and balance.

It recently has shared how to utilize it to completely clear and seal your Aura.


Continue reading to find out how....


Did you know that all Crystals are always ready to help us?


These three-sided, beautifully faceted crystals quartz vogel gems were custom cut and designed for my own personal use. However, I am now making them available for anyone who feels drawn to them.


After many years of working with these in crystal grids, crystal healing sessions, and chakra work, they have recently revealed something they can do very well and efficiently.


First, they liked to be soaked in water overnight before and after their use.


If there are other Crystal Skulls in the water with them - even better, but not necessary.


Once they have been soaked overnight, they are ready to work.


Begin by standing up straight -  holding the double terminated crystal with the wider part in your hands, and the thinner part pointing outward (away from  you).


Begin with holding the vogel crystal in your hand and beginning at your feet, draw a straight line all the way up to above your crown chakra (above your head).


Then from this position with the crystal in hand and beginning from the place above your head. Make a full clockwise circle around your whole body’s energy field.  Starting from above your crown chakra and ending there. Your Aura is now cleared and sealed.


It is ideal to do this once a week or whenever you feel called to do so.


It takes less than a minute to do this protocol, and it makes a significant difference in your energetic integrity which affects your physical body's ability to heal itself.


Happy cleansing and sealing!

Aura Crystal

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