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Is a Magic Worker✨

She’s a tall, raven haired beauty with pale skin, and green eyes.

Belladonna’s family lineage comes from Ireland and long before there was organized religion there were practitioners of magic and healings though Angels, Ancestors and Spiritual Beings.

Belladonna is a wise scholar who studies herbal medicine, healing potions, multiple dimensions and the wonders of the dream world.

Belladonna will lead you into very deep and intoxicating meditations and help you sleep well. 

Belladonna signals out vibrations of positive energy that will attract a multitude of potential opportunities.

She will add a layer of protection to you and your loved ones if called to do so. Belladonna will bring up shadow work and thought provoking questions to contemplate in meditations, these issues will be helpful to heal past wounds and rise above to your next level of consciousness.

Belladonna gives confidence and offers wonderful guidance for any type of self help exposing areas of attention to further your personal path and enhance enlightenment.

Belladonna’s commitment to work with her keeper will inspire and encourage growth and trusting relationships.

To work with Belladonna meditate with her daily keeping a journal of your dreams, and feelings.

Belladonna is a facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra and The Heart Chakra

Her magical number is 13 and 9.

She is a pre-activated Tibetan Turquoise 4"length 1 1/2 oz Crystal Skull. 


Also included is a custom Sterling Silver and Turquoise handmade Ring including it's pre-activation and Full Reading in a size 7.



Ghost Ranch


G.R is a Light Elemental Being. 

A decoder of color who

interprets vibrations of light into a spectrum of prisms.

She interprets light into a feast for the eyes, inspiring the artist, poet or photographer. 

G.R brings brightness enthusiasm, optimism, motivation, and joy. 

She is the perfect energy for those who struggle with depression, or having blues helping them bring joy to their lives, appreciate it, and enjoy life again.

G.R has inspired many artists such as Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe and she will inspire you with her vibrations of pure love and light. 

To work with G.R wear her anytime you’d like a creative boost and a extra lift of joy.

She’s especially nice to stay close to on rainy moody days with a hot cup of tea and a pen or paintbrush 

G.R is the facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.


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