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Rainfall Blessing

Goddess brings the rain fall down giving life onto the ground, the loving energy to feed the seeds and Mother Natures gift to me.

Goddess bring the rainfall down. 

Abundance and Blessing’s showering down from Heaven, that is Bishti’s prayer. (and maybe some rain too!) ️

It’s all part of a divine plan to nurture your spiritual growth directing you to wellness, abundance and happiness. 

Bishti is a collective of the water/rain elements consisting of conscious spirits of highly charged water droplets.

Rain Blessing’s can carry a positive charge of intention if correctly activated and engaged.️

Bishti will Initiate a replenishing for your body, mind, and spirit. 

To charge Bishti with maximum blessing’s and bliss, charge each raindrop bead in your Mala.

Sit quietly and see yourself outside (or you can sit outside) feel into your needs or desires, or begin by asking for peace and a calm blissful state of mind, (SET YOUR INTENTION NOW) 

looking up at the sky in your minds eye, notice the large billowing clouds impregnated with what you feel in your heart and mind is a beautiful blessing rainstorm. Now begin to see and feel and smell the large droplets  of water falling from the sky.

Charge each raindrop bead with your personal intention or prayers.

Go though your Mala flow 3 times for optimal charging.

Wear Bishti all week and expect a beautiful rainbow of results and peacefulness. 

Bishti’s helps balance all the chakras when meditating with.

She is a Rose Quartz 108 Japa Mala made with Rhodonite, Rose Quartz & Garnet Beads with 925 Sterling Silver hardware.


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