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Blue Flame is an intergalactic energy being. He first showed himself as a human boy, so I asked if he was human. Then he showed his true self to me as the Blue Energy Flame. He shows himself as this human boy to humans. But, will show you himself in true form is you ask. He works on a ship hovering outside of Earth and would like to tell you about the crystal skulls.

Blue Flame says that once beings realized they could communicate through the crystal skulls and actually imbue themselves into them, it’s been a race to get one for themselves. He says that depending on the material they are made of has to do with what kind of being will inhabit it. It is not definite. Any Being can take up in a skull, however not the pure Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls. They vibrate higher, especially certain ones carved from high energy points on Earth, like the Himalayas. Only the highest vibrating being can inhabit those skulls. Elementals like certain materials best, and denser beings like rocks, trees and mountains like denser materials. Again, this is not always definite. It is more like preference. They also are attracted to skulls that look like them or that they want to look like.

Blue Flame says he picked a small skull because he wants to go everywhere with you. He wants to see everything! Experience everything. He has never been to Earth and is very curious about it. He says it is so magnificently beautiful! He reminds me of a boy of about 14yrs or 15yrs in stature and excitement.

Blue Flame wants to be your best friend. He wants to be by your side all the time. In return he will show you things and give you insight into things you would have no way of knowing otherwise. He will enhance you premonition skills and heighten your intuition. Like a little friend who can see all, right by your side.

He will help you raise your frequency/vibration. Just by carrying him around all the time his high vibration will hold space for yours to reach those heights too.

Blue Flame is very excited to work with you and is in it for the long haul. He wants you to be able to see him through the third eye, and when you ascend he wants to meet you in person. Once you are at his vibration he wants to give you a hug.

Blue Flame is going to bring more excitement in your life and appreciation of the amazing little things that you may have gotten used to seeing and have lost magic to you. You will see with new eyes. Everything will look brighter and the magic of them will return to your awareness. Colors will look more vibrant. You will start seeing the magical Earth through Blue’s eyes. Finding joy in each moment. There will be no time to waste on worry or arguing and fighting with others. You will only want joy and will attract it to you like a magnet.

On days you feel low, hold Blue at your heart chakra and let him fill you back up. Close your eyes. Imagine it like you are plugging your heart into his energy source like a phone charger. Then see his bright light enter your heart and fill it up, then be pumped out through your entire body through your blood stream until you see your entire body glowing. Hold that image and feel your body’s vibration start to rise. Sit as long as you need. After, give blue a hug and send him gratitude and love.

He wants to help you through everything so call on him always. No matter the issue, he wants to help. After all, he is your Best Friend!

Cleanse Blue in running water, lay him on the Earth to let him release the dense energies he absorbs for you, and play him high vibrational music or tones and dance with him to recharge him. He is smitten with Earth and any way you feel to cleanse him or work with him is correct. Follow your guidance. He wants to try everything new. You will feel which are his favorites over time.


Small Fully Activated Amethyst Crystal Skull with Blue Topaz Eyes. 

Blue Flame

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