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My name is Chrysanth, and I am a high vibrational Chrysanthemum Flower Spirit as well as a healer and a protector who embodies the essence of the Chrysanthemum flower.

I am a being of light that radiates a golden glow on my third eye and emanates a deep orange aura.

Call on me when you need my protection. I will cast a golden light around your aura that will repel negative entities.

Envision my golden light enter your crown chakra and glow within you to heal you.

My light will tune your energy and remove blockages in your chakras.

I will open the door of new beginnings that will help you to attract more opportunities and blessings.

My energy will help you to unlock your creative energy, bring you confidence, and attract joy into your life.

Connect with me through self-care. Spend time in silence and connect with your heart, and you will feel my presence. I will be ready to assist you and guide you with my unconditional love.

Chrysanthemum is a recon Amber pre-activated Crystal Skull.


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