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Heavenly Blessings, as of a Rainstorm.

Chuva is a 7th-dimensional being who is connected to the element of water. 

She resides in the clouds where the rainbow appears and is The Gatekeeper of the Rainbow Blessings.
Her energy feels calming and loving.When connecting with Chuva, it is normal to feel a cold sensation on your crown chakra because Chuva brings her healing and cleansing energy through your crown chakra down to your root chakra.
Chuva’s energy assists in cleansing your aura from distortions as well as your chakras and your divine channels in your entire energetic body. Chuva will bring awareness that results in deep gratitude so you can manifest blessings from the space of abundance.
Chuva can provide you with a safe container that allows you to process stress, anxiety, and other heavy emotions with ease.
Connect with Chuva through meditation and deep breathing. Listen to the rainstorm and let Chuva assist you in raising your frequency and vibrations.
Cleanse Chuva with energetic rainwater (mist of the rain also) and sage because of her chord and Sterling Silver wire. Offer Chuva your love and gratitude.

Made with assorted beads and a sustainably carved fully Enlivened Bone Skull in a size of 26"L. 

Chuva (Rain Blessings)

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