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Pronounced (Chee-oh) Chiyo is a multidimensional extraterrestrial consciousness that resides in Orion. He is a hybrid Pleiadian & Orion Being who was born and raised in the Orion constellation.
Chiyo shows himself as a tall male with a warm smile and he has long white hair.
His specialty is soul acension and evolution.  He is a guide to advance you spiritually. As an ascension expert, Chiyo works with your soul, and shows you your Akashic records.
He utilizes your Akashic records in order to raise your consciousness and the consciousness of others around you.
As a teacher, Chiyo is gentle and straight forward. He has the gift of a sight that can assist you with clear guidance.
His energy manifests through nudges, awareness, and visions and he communicates with you through your dreams. 
Set the intention to be open to receive his guidance and let Chiyo transform your spirituality through his wisdom and guidance. Spend time to meditate with Chiyo and place him close to you while you are sleeping.
Cleanse him with sage and give him your gratitude.


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