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This Skull Mala has its 108 Beads infused with the Goddess Durga Blessings.


Cradled Heart 🤍


Is a Heavenly Angel of Nurturing who watches over expectant mothers, children, and animals. Her energy is gentle and she'll help you in healing your deep inner childhood pain and trauma.


Cradled Heart works with your soul through your Heart Chakra and assists in expanding your heart cave so you can explore the many aspects of your soul. She will help open and soften your heart with unconditional love.


Cradled Heart is a fully Enlivened Black Obsidian Crystal Skull 108 Japa Mala made in with natural Onyx and Turquoise beads including Turquoise gemstone eyes measuring 30" length.

Cradled Heart 🤍

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