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Is a Warrior from the Angelic realm. He helps make sure the good always wins. He carries a huge sword with a heart fasioned into the metal where the blade meets the handles. He is protective and fierce when he needs to be. He is like the element of fire. He can help tear down old structures and rebuild them for the highest good. Especially if the structures were built off of the pain or destruction of humanity. Being an Angel, he has a high affinity for humanity and protects it at all costs, even galactic war if necessary.

Crimson helps to connect the root chakra with the higher chakra of the heart. He builds up the sense of safety inside of you so you feel safe enough to open your heart again. He will help protect your heart and rebuild it’s strength after heartbreak or loss. He makes us realize we must live from an open heart to thrive. We cannot build a wall around our heart out of fear, or fear of pain.  Crimson will send you warnings about people and situations that may not be good for you.

He will help you to ground yourself and work through your emotions. If you are a very sensitive or emotional being he can help you adjust to things more easily so they don’t get to the point of devastation before integration. He will buffer the denser energies from others that may pull you down or affect your emotions negatively.

Crimson’s number is 7, that may mean something to you.

Crimson will sit with you in meditation and hold space for you to begin healing deep rooted traumas, loss and fears. He will keep guard for you while you revisit traumatic events, but with his huge presense with you this time. He will hold your hand and walk you through healing inner child wounds. Imagine these situations playing out differently as this huge warrior Angel appears and deals with the abuser, picks you up in his arms and flies you off to safety, etc. Change the narrative. Then release all guilt associated with it as you see it from a more outside, grounded, perspective and realization that it was never your fault.

Crimson will help you cut ties. With each trauma or painful event you leave an attachment to the person or situation. It’s like an invisible cord. Meet him in meditation with the intent to cut these cords. See in your minds eye the cords attached to you and going out to these different people. Ask for all attachments and cords be cut immediately and return back to the person. Cuting your energy off from them for good. Then ask Crimson to cut them. See him taking his huge Angel sword and slicing through the cords with ease. Then before the other person can even realize what happened, jump into Crimson’s arms and he will fly you away swiftly. If any of them try to contact you simply ignore them and ask Crimson to help guide them out of your life. Then leave it to him and do not think about them again.

Crimson is like that big brother that always has your back no matter if you were right or wrong in the situation. Call upon him every day if you need to, but you must call upon him. He is not allowed to help you unless you specifically ask him to. And know that when you call him he is immediately there and at attention.

Cleanse Crimson in sage smoke, or lay him on the Earth to ground and cleanse him. If you feel he needs something else then do that. He will let you know what he needs by a surprise idea how to cleanse him, or a random thought out of no where.

Crimson is a pre-activated Iron Quartz Crystal measuring 2 1/2"L  1 1/2"W  2"H weighing 6.2 ounces.


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