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Flower Being

She loves me, she loves me not”

She Loves You!

Daisy is often seen growing in beautiful meadowlands and even lawns and gardens. 

Daisy symbolizes innocence, and the many daisy traits, such as babies, motherhood, hope, and new beginnings.

Daisy can pop back up after the grass has been cut or trodden on, she is truly Resilient and beautiful.

Daisy’s a vibrant robust energy, and she doesn’t spend her time worrying about others and their actions.

This is why she’s an effective guide into the realm’s of fairyland, and other mystical places.  Daisy’s vibration attributes her love for fairies, animals and other magical beings. They draw close to Daisy and these other positive begins will also work with you.

Daisy has a very special gift of resilience and creativity.

She wants you to embody your free spirit with a positive approach life with out prejudices or judgments.

Daisy empowers your curiosity and charges your enthusiasm.

She will always have a fresh perspective and will add much love and joy to your life. Set your positive intention for the day and wear Daisy everywhere!  Daisy is facilitator of the Heart Chakra.

Daisy is a pre-activated Rose Quartz 108 Japa mala.


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