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Dark Moon is a Dark Mother Goddess.

She transforms you internally, taking you on a journey deep inside your own psyche.

Like the dark of Winter, she asks you to hibernate and change your focus from the external world to doing the internal work of healing, introspection and really getting to know your deepest self.

Dark Moon does most of her work under the dark of night and dreamtime.

She is especially active and powerful under the darkness of the New Moon. She will support any benevolent rituals and workings done at this time.

Dark Moon is transformative in transforming a dark night of the soul into a life changing healing. She brings out what has been hidden in the dark for so long and she shows you there is no need to fear the dark for that is where the biggest transformations come from.

Wear her daily, meditate with her and place her nearby as you sleep when you are in you darkest emotional moments.

Dark Moon is also the perfect companion if you work with any of the Transformative or Dark Goddesses. Some examples; Kali, Oya, Isis, Erzuli Dantor, Medusa, Persephone, and Pele’.

Dark Moon’s specialty is shadow work. She will not only teach you to accept your shadow side, but show you how to use those aspects of yourself to create the life you want by going after them fearlessly and having to power to protect and stand up for yourself, accepting nothing less than exactly what you want. 

For those who have a moon cycle, wear her during this time to help ease pain and connect with your inner magical powers that abound during this time.

Cleanse Dark Moon by smoke, Earth or water. Simply lie her on a bed of salt or Earth, or burn sage for an easy cleansing.

Dark Moon is a pre-activated Blk Obsidian Crystal Skull made into a 108 Japa Skull Mala with Onyx and Snowflake Obsidian beads with .925 Silver hardware on the Skull.

Dark Moon

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