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I will take your hands and guide you to the temple of wonders. I am the Ancient Greek Goddess, Sito.
I have assisted humanity since long ago, and human beings have given me multiple names, so you may call me Ceres, Demeter, or Thesmophoros.
I am the goddess of harvest and agriculture and indeed, I bless humans with bountiful harvests.
Those who know me, seek my guidance and experience my ability.
I help many humans restore their souls and as your patron, I will help you with soul matters.
I work with your guardians and your higherself to bring your soul fractals and help you to heal many parts of you.
Upon connecting with my energy, you may feel my power through your crown chakra. As I fill your vessel with my energy, I will activate every chakra in your body.
This often awakens your soul abilities and with me by your side, you will experience another depth of awakening, which amplifies your spiritual gifts.
I ask you to keep love in your heart, grounding you and helping you transform smoothly.


Sito is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull made into a 18" Sterling Silver handwired necklace in Rose quartz and Rhodonite gem beads.


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