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Dimitrios 🌎

The Lover of Earth

Dimitrios is an Earth Elder and he has a very important job.

Dimitrios is a Cinder Tanker, his title name is The Timer. 

Dimitrios shows his likeness as a soot covered Giant, he has a calm and purposeful disposition.

Cinder Tankers are the inner earths workers and have been for billions of years.

The earth has been in need of additional rock to be added successfully to the molten lava core - because Gaia still needs daily replacement’s of her carbon cinders material.

The Cinder Tankers like Dimitrios and his Brethren, work to knock down the carbon cinders (like charcoal bricks in a BBQ) on the crust outside the core and feed them into the molten mantle core.

These ancient Cinder Tankers are very proud of doing this work, they remain diligent day and night being careful not to harm the earths fragile exterior and the life upon her. 

Dimitrios is very kind but unlike his brethren he remains mostly business like, he’s more like a foreman but there is never any need for disciplinarian actions because all cinder tankers work perfectly together. 

Cinder Tankers are as ancient as the earth herself, they have a male form and there’s no need of female energies. They have always existed and will only pass if the Mother Earth passes away, so there is no need of reproducing others.

Cinder Tankers are the masculine energy of Gaia they are considered her Sons.

Their greatest love is feeding and caring for innermost earth. 

Dimitrios will rest only a few times a year, the other days he and his brethren stay on task. Cinders are made of the scorched mantle core of the earth.

This nucleus core of our earth needs bits of replacement energy (called Cinder) This is added to the reactor core to maintain balance this causes less upheaval and volcanic activity.

Dimitrios job is a Timer  and he’s a mathematical wizard so to speak.

Testing and timing when the earth needs her fuel additions and maintenance.

Dimitrios is Mother Gaia’s most reliable and responsible Son to keep her heathy and stabilized.

Dimitrios will balance and ground and replenish your energy. He will dispel all negative energies and even emf’s

To work with Dimitrios ground him in one special place, or an altar. He will work best with other energetic beings.

If you’d like to sit in meditation with him you can hold him or sit him next to you.

You will feel calm and grounded hearing a low humming or healing tone.

These earth waves help bring clarity, focus and physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Ask Dimitrios to help with any challenges, healings or special needs.

Thank Him for his service.

Dimitros will help balance and ground all your Chakras.

Dimitrious is a semi-large Shungite Crystal Skull weighing 2 1/2 pounds and measuring 5" in length.

Dimitrios 🌎

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