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The Treasure Seeker

Spiro travels in several physical forms, he’s a merchant, a dromedary, fine woven tapestry’s, purple silk’s scented with frangipani. 

Can you hear the sounds of jiggly silver coins in a pouch and bells on the harnesss of the caravan?

Spiro is the spirit of the Ancient Treasure Seekers, tracking though the sands of time in magical desert of potential.

Spiro is coming over to your tent to help you find your own Silk Road.

What is Treasure to you? 

It’s really up to you to decide what you’d like to manifest in your life.

Spiro is for those who have come to a place in their path that they know exactly who they are, and really ready to practice their manifesting skills.

Not to confuse Spiro with a Genie in a lamp this is all about your growth and potential.

Wishing is not exactly a helpful action, but manifesting without attachments can be a very positive practice!

To work with Spiro set very clear goals first, and write them down in a journal or a piece of paper.

Set him on his placement or sit with him and see your intentions or desires, be very clear and see yourself connected to your goals. Feel the experience as if it’s already happened, relax and release attachments. Spiro will hold space for the desire to come into the dimensional plane.

Feel grateful and give thanks, know you are blessed having absolutely no lack in your life. ️

Spiro is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.


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