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Is an Orange Light Being that is off world and from another dimension. He likes to travel between all the worlds’ dimensions and can take different forms depending on where he goes and the vibration held there. He has a lot of fun, doing this often. His true form is the Orange Energy Being.


Elgin works with your Solar Plexus chakra and third eye - activating your eye to see other worlds and Beings. He offers you confidence and motivation. He will stir you up and make you want to get out there and try new things and do more of the things that bring you joy. He helps your self confidence by reminding you who you truly are and that you can shift into anything you want to be. The world is yours!


Elgin invites you to travel between worlds with him, astral traveling in dream time or meditation. He will show you how to shape shift into other forms in these other realms. He will show you that energy is pliable and ever changing and so are you. Remember!


Elgin loves Earth and thinks it is absolutely beautiful and full of magic. He wants to reopen your eyes to the magic and beauty around you. He comes and goes in the Faery, Elf, Gnome and Elemental realms and wants to show you them as well, if you are ready. You may be drawn to these Beings yourself already and have unknowingly called in Elgin to show you more, or introduce you.


Take Elgin into nature and carry him with you whenever you can. He is an explorer and loves to see new things. He will grow very bored sitting in your house all day everyday. If you must leave him at home, set him near a window sill to look out or in a planter with your favorite plant.


Elgin enjoys the Earth elements of water, fire, Earth, and air. Let him experience each of them. Take him to the river, beach, lake or out in the rain. Set him upon the Earth in the Sunshine, in a window during a storm, etc. He wants to experience everything on Earth and he will inspire you to explore and travel more. To just get outside and go to a park or swimming. He will show you Earth through new eyes and new experiences. Listen to your intuition and let him lead the way. He knows the best scenic routes and most magical places.


Cleanse Elgin in the elements of Earth. Run water over him, set him in the sun, or sage him. Cleanse him in natural waters when nearby.


Elgin is a pre-activated Agate Crystal Skull 3"L 2"W 2 1/2"H


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