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Is a high-frequency being of light that comes from the 12th dimension. Ether embodies perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energy. As an ancient consciousness, Ether went through many reincarnations to embody the frequency of purity.

Ether is without gender, and it shows itself as a humanoid silhouette made of white and transparent energy that sometimes appears like a liquid.

Ether can travel to many dimensions and exists outside of time.

Ether works with your soul, and it will activate the essence of your soul. Ether will help distribute your soul essence to your light and physical bodies.

Ether will assist you in walking in the path of your dharma and purpose.

Connect with Ether through deep breathing, and its energy will become an anchor that will help ground you into the present moment, allowing you to be open to your inner guidance and to receive blessings.

Ether brings the energy of purity and clarity. Ether will purify your energy and help you focus on achieving what your soul needs to evolve higher.

Ether will assist you in dealing with conflicts by giving you the gift of clear sight and a calm mind.

Offer prayers to Ether and call on Ether when you need its assistance.

Cleanse Ether with sage and clear spring water.

Ether is a pre-activated denim blue Lapiz Lazuli Crystal Skull.


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