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Fairy Dust 

Is is a fairy from the fae kingdom who has uplifting and happy energy. She loves the sunshine, and her favorite flower is a sunflower.

Fairy Dust shows herself as a female fairy with butterfly wings wearing a yellow knee-length dress with one black stripe on the skirt. She has a bright, happy smile and short black hair.

Fairy Dust is a fairy guide that will assist you in finding more joy in your life. She will uplift your frequency and your spirit utilizing the power of happiness. Fairy Dust will sprinkle her golden fairy dust over your aura, and you'll just need to set the intention to welcome joy to activate her magic. She will show you things that make your heart happy in your happy in your waking moment and she will manifest more blessings and abundance into your life.

communicates to you through thoughts and signs, and she will become your guide and friend. Fairy Dust will hold a space full of love, and her energy will always encourage you and cheer you up whenever you need her support.Spend time in nature and connect with her.  Welcome her energy, and let her bring more blessings and joy into your life. When you feel guided...offer her a single sunflower stem as a token of gratitude. Cleanse her with clear running water and or sage but make sure to wipe dry your Sterling Silver wire so that it does not tarnish. She is made with a Blk Obsidian main Skull and 6 Black Agate Skulls wired with Onyx beads.

Fairy Dust

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