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Is a heart chakra activator and leads from love and encourages others to as well.  Faith bursts your heart wide open, if it is not already. She shows you to use your heart and voice to share what you learn about this new way of living and how it benefits everyone. Speak from your heart and the people will know it is truth. 

Faith will spark the fire in you that wants to change things. You may already be working towards a more peaceful, loving Earth and she has come to support you and help you.

Carry her with you and she will soften the hearts of others and people will naturally want to be more cooperative around her, and you, as you start to carry the same vibration.

Cleanse Faith in running water, sage or set her on the Earth to transmute and restore her energies. Hold her near your heart and fill her with love and gratitude when you are feeling especially high vibrational.


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