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Assists with your ascension journey.  His energy manifests through vision.

He will take you on a journey to meet your essence, your soul and many different aspects of you, including a you who resides in other dimensions. He'll also assist you with deep inner work showing you how to be patient, going through life from the space of compassion. Fuji shows you how to accept your ego by helping you operate from your highest self’s perspective. This perspective will assist you in dealing with judgment through unconditional love. Spend time meditating with Fuji and connect with him without any expectations. Offer him incense and pray with him. Cleanse him with sage. 


More information about Fuji: 

Devoted his life to studying Buddhism. Eventually, he traveled to Tibet and became a Buddhist monk. He spent most of his time meditating and contemplating. He unlocked his soul, and at the end of his life, he achieved a rainbow body. His high-frequency energy gives him a majestic presence. Fuji spent a lot of time retreating to meditate at his favorite mountain, Mountain Fuji. He is a quiet spirit, and he is a strict teacher.


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