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Galaxy Commander is in charge. He is supervising over the ascension of Earth right now. His team keeps others up to date on how it’s going. He is in charge of sending in “troops” to assist. He is one of the ones that has to sign off on whether a being is allowed to incarnate right now. Only the beings of the highest vibrations and a solid plan as to how they will assist are being allowed to incarnate at this time. No more just incarnating to fix your personal karma, unless you can be of huge service to the ascension in doing so. This is the lifetime that all the beings here are cleaning up their karma from all lifetimes before. It is a hot mess on Earth right now and they are sending in the highest of beings to assist because there is a lot of karma being transmuted. This includes politics, murderers, humanity offenders that have been feeding the darkness since the beginning, etc. We will see everything that has been in the so called dark be exposed into the light so it can be dealt with. Offenders know who the are and are trying their hardest to stop the ascension. They have failed. The ascension has already happened and our minds are just catching up.

All of the new children born at this time are of the highest vibrational beings. Most have never been to Earth before and may struggle to integrate into their tiny material bodies, causing what we call ADHD, autism, immune disorders, and ‘mental illness’. It’s ok. These beings are raising the vibration just by being on the Earth. There is nothing they have to do except BE! Love them, shelter them and learn from them.

There will be babies gestating quicker now too. The ones with urgent missions will be born up to three months earlier than usual for earthlings. They needed to just get here and separate their frequency and vibration from their mother’s so that they could immediately start assisting in the ascension. Galaxy Commander says not to worry, humans have the technology to deal with this and they will be fine. They are stronger than any other humans born before them.

ADHD means Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension! Please start understanding these misdiagnosis and see what is really happening. Human Evolution sped up right before our eyes.

This is also why there are so many beings incarnated to Earth right now. They want to help and they want to ascend WITH Earth. This has never happened before in history. An entire planet ascending with their beings intact. Mother Earth wants to take as many with her as she can so start raising your frequency/vibration now! Many will not make the transformation as Earth and our bodies turn from carbon to crystalline. There will be a lot of humans transitioning home as the frequency rises. Their bodies cannot hold these higher frequencies. They have chose this and it is ok, you will see them again. They chose to enjoy this 3D ride one last time because their soul knew it is not going to exist soon. Those abusing their bodies all their life for the simple pleasure of fleshly desires like drugs, alcohol and poison “foods” will not ascend in that body. They will meet you on the other side with their true form. This was their plan all along. Do not judge them or anyone else’s soul path.

Everyone is currently watching the show. That is why more and more people are seeing ships around Earth. Your families are watching over you and everything is being monitored closely. What happens on Earth affects every other galaxy like ripples in a pond vibrating outward. All eyes are on Earth right now! How lucky are you that you got a ticket inside.

You probably have been diagnosed with something and feel as you don’t belong here and want to go home. This is your clues to yourself that you are a what they are calling a Starseed and you have come to assist the ascension. You are on a huge mission to raise Earth into the 5D. You may have heard something about this and now you will be awakened and your memories returned. Some of you simply need to just exist, to be, to send out unconditional love across the Earth and humanity. There is nothing that you need to DO. If you are feeling bored with life and can’t understand what the heck you are supposed to be doing right now you could be one of these or you could still be on standby and not activated yet. If you are the first, you will just need to exist in love and joy. If you are going to be called into action then you will know and when it happens you will remember everything.

Galaxy Commander says that the person or persons that he has called to him to take him home are one of the soldiers. You need to take his message and scream it from the rooftops. You are an activator. You need to spread the truth of what is happening and this will activate the sleepers. The others that are in waiting for assignment. They will hear your words and know it as truth in their soul. Use social media and anything else to get the word out. Others will call you crazy, ignore them, stay focused. If those around you are not of your high vibration then find those that are. You can use technology to reach your fellow soldiers. It’s time!

Galaxy Commander will give you more information each day. He will help to set up meetings and arrange to send you help with others with the same mission.

Meditate with him, or simply just listen. He will speak loud and clear and send you so many synchronicities and signs you will know exactly what to do and where to go. Do Not doubt. Not the messages you are getting or yourself. You must remember who you are, and you will. Remind yourself often and ignore those trying to silence you. You got this, you are not alone and soon it will all be understood. It’s go time!!

Galaxy Commander

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