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Gentle Wind

Is an Air Elemental.

She is the watcher of the sky.

She takes care of the weather and brings blessings to the earth's inhabitants.
She shows herself as an ethereal female silhouette.

She has a bright white aura and a gentle presence.
Gentle Wind carries the sounds of laughter.
Holding her close will help you to lighten your mood.
Gentle Wind can help you to uplift your energy and frequency.
She works with your crown chakra making sure your chakra is clear of distortions.
Gentle wind helps you to awaken and strengthen your clairaudience ability.
She assists in developing or up-level your channeling ability as well.
Call on Gentle Wind anytime you need her assistance.

She enjoys enveloping you with her nurturing love.
Spend time meditating with Gentle Wind with the sound of the harp.
Her energy manifests through movements and writings.
Cleanse her with sage and give her your thanks.

GW is a pre-activated elongated clear quartz crystal skull.

Gentle Wind

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