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Is a multi-dimensional Angelic Being who is a Soul Healer worker.
Goldie has a golden thread that she uses to help to mend the aura and the soul. She assists you in healing your soul from trauma that could have caused a crack or a split that has accumulated throughout many lifetimes. She also helps you in soul healing by working directly with your heart chakra.

When healing happens on a soul level, soul parts that you are now ready for can come back to you integrating more wholeness within your being.
To work with Goldie, sit down in silent meditation. Hold her close to your heart. Tell her that you are ready for her assistance, open your heart, and breathe her golden light through your heart chakra. You might feel elated or blissful, or you might feel the warmth and tingle on your heart chakra. To have Goldie heal your aura, meditate with her, and envision her golden light encapsulating your whole body. Let go of any expectations and express your gratitude after every session.
Goldie requires weekly cleansing with sage. She also enjoys spending a little time under the sun as well. Charge her outside on the Earth when you feel guided.

Goldie is a pre-activated multi colored Fluorite Crystal Skull that measures 2" in length.


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