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Green Man is a multidimensional extraterrestrial being who resides in Andromeda galaxy.
He dwells in nature and loves to spend his time communicating with nature’s energy.
He shows himself as a tall humanoid with masculine energy with green skin and soft eyes.
His aura is pale gold.
Green Man uses his consciousness to assist earth Beings because he believes that all of us are connected and one with the universe.
Green Man utilizes the planets power to assist in expanding your consciousness.
He will help raise your vibration which helps you with your ascension.
Green Man will guide you to see things from a higher perspective and go through life with wisdom you can share with others.
Green Man lovingly shares love and guidance to others and he will work with your spirit guides to help you to walk on the path of your highest purpose.
He will help you to activate all of your chakras and align them with the higher frequency.
Green Man communicates through thoughts, visions and dreams and is highly attracted to those with open hearts.
Spend time to journal the insights you receive from Green Man.
Place him close to trees to allow him to charge and transmute the energy he absorbs. Bathe him with clear spring water. Green Man is a pre-activated Optical Brazillian Quartz High Definition Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/2" L  1 3/4"W  2"H and weighs 1/2 a pound.

Green Man

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