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HARMONY  432 is a female conscious being with heavenly sounds.   Harp/voice/singing.  The mala of peace.  The ones who brings together.  Harmony's vibrations attract joy and happiness and cleanse your aura. She attracts positive, heavenly beings into your energy field.  Harmony helps your find your voice in the world.  Her positive energy attracts good things in your life.  She reminds us that we are never alone that spirit guardians walk with us.  Harmony would be well suited for someone who would enjoy singing or chanting with her as a daily ritual.  She works with all Chakras especially with the Crown Chakra.  Wearing Harmony daily will reinforce self confidence , self love and protection. Walk together with her in nature to feel closer to Spirit.

Harmony is a Labradorite pre-activated Crystal Skull with a 108 + 1 japa mala made with pyrite, jasper, tic wood and Tibetan clay beads and is 40" length. 


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