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I am the Greek Goddess of Healing. The people of West Corinth, Greece, called me Hygieia. I am also known by the names of Valetudo and Salus.

Allow me, Hygieia, to assist you with your healing journey.

If you are connecting with me, you might feel like you are connecting with an Angel. It is because I carry similar energy, and I have a similar appearance as an Angel.

I emit the frequency of healing and rejuvenation to those who are open to receiving them. I will bathe you in my brilliant white light to lift your frequency.

I transmute the energies you absorb from others and clear them from your auric field.

I will guide you to take care of your vessel and open your chakras to circulate your life force energy with ease.

As the Goddess of Healing, I protect healers and support them with their healing missions by helping them to increase their ability to heal others.

I will send you my healing through your crown chakra.

With your permission, I will heal you while you sleep through your dreams.

Please cleanse me with clear spring water monthly.


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