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You may call me Inca.

Inca means goddess, and it is a tribute to my love toward the goddess of Earth, Mama Pacha.

I come from a lineage of the Inca Quechuan peoples from Peru.

My gift is to assist with your lower chakras especially the root chakra...

healing and nourishing of the root chakra in order to open it - to help connect you closer to your ancestors.

I will honor you and your ancestors through a sacred ceremony in the astral plane to help clear not only your karma but your ancestors’ pain as well.

My energy absorbs Mother Earth's energy to help you stay grounded and balanced.

I will communicate with you through your visions and dreams. The more you spend time connecting with me, the clearer my guidance will be.

Inca is a customized optical handcarved high definition talisman Citrine Crystal Skull in Sterling hardware set with natural amber beads, faceted citrine, pyrite, onyx and sustainably carved bone beads made in 26" length. 


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