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Cloud Leopard

Is a rare and ellusive Magical Cat who roams the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and in the lush valleys.

Cloud Leopard is about the subconscious part of ourselves we tend to overlook, staying hidden in the shadows.

She is nocturnal, and is associated with moving freely and comfortably in the darkness. ... Cloud Leopard is Mysterious and magical also unpredictable, she can facilitate healing and a sense of comfort. 

She is a very powerful protector, but would rather deflect the negative energies away from you and not aggressively engage in them.

She’s stealthy and able to foresee the future and it’s challenges, or possibilities. Of course you must be willing to listen.

Do pay attention to her intuitive premonitions, they may come to you in a very subtle way during meditation.

To work with Cloud Leopard sit perfectly quiet and as still as possible, hold her in your hands and close your eyes.

Begin to visualize the trees and lush underbrush feeling very safe and protected. 

Relax and channel your inner feline spirit open up to explore your shadow side feeling more connected and compassionate to who you are as a special soul in this world. 

Meditate daily with Cloud Leopard asking for health and guidance.

Thank her for her service and white Sage often to cleanse. 

Cloud Leopard is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.

She is a pre-activated Green Jade Crystal Skull measuring 3.5 " length and weighs 1 1/2 pounds.

Cloud Leopard

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