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Myriad is a 9th-dimensional being who appears as a 10 feet tall female with a green aura. Just like the name she wants to be known, Myriad will assist you in transcending the limitations of the human mind, and assist you to see that you are an infinite soul.
Myriad works with your heart chakra and the Soul Star chakra that is located above the crown chakra. She will help you to clear blocks, trauma, and limitations by working directly with your highestself to access the library of your soul. Sometimes past life experiences can carry over to the current lifetime and create fear or blocks. Myriad will help you locate the source of your blocks and limitations through your Akashic records.
To work with Myriad, place yourself in a comfortable position to meditate deeply. Hold Myriad on your left hand and set the intention to go through your Akashic record. Myriad’s energy will manifest as visions or feelings. Be present throughout the session to observe what emotions are coming to the surface. When you finish, write a journal to reflect on your experience to help you understand. If you are releasing heavy wounds, you might feel tired after the session. Let your intuition tell you how often you need to do sittings with her.
Offer Myriad your gratitude and love after each session. Cleanse her with sage and water.

Myriad is a pre-activated High Definition 2" Green Ocean Jasper.


SKU: JAS2321314
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