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One custom Sterling Silver Handmade triple shank ring in size 9 with a pre-activated Full Size Amethyst Crystal Skull (not cut)

Clear Quartz elongated Skull

Green Obsidian Skull

Three Readings Included


Prickly Pear

Desert Sprite

Prickly Pear lives in a craggy dry area in the southwestern desert.

She spends most of her days deep in the cool caves and springs sleeping.

When the air cools and the stars come out, she finds her way back up to the surface to join her kinfolks for a feast of desert food, games, stories. She enjoys singing songs and dancing until the sunrises returns with her friends especially. 

Prickly Pear is all about community and family.

She brings our attention to the most important things in life

that is, no matter how tough the environment is, we are made stronger by the community of friends and loved ones we build around us.

Meditate with her or carry her with you. She likes a dark safe pouch.

She will remind you of the may blessings around you and to slow down and enjoy them.

Prickly Pear is facilitator of the Heart Chakra

Kaite Trio

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