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Karina Solaris is an ancient Sun Dragon  She is of a great status even in the world of dragons today.

Karina Solaris is of a lineage dating back to the first daughter of the Sun Ardenti Sol (name meaning Burning Sun) and is a direct link to her ancestry of contemporary dragons. 

Karina was born near the island of Wale’s where the many clans of dragons were established.

The Ardenti Sol (Karinas Great, Great, Great, Grandmother) was recorded in Dragon History as to have flown around the sun, absorbing its magnificent power and light in the form of Dragon Fire energy. 

Ardenti Sol then came to the earth and rained down to all other dragons the gift of the suns fire.

Karina is a gentle yet powerful being, and she is extremely intelligent.

The Sun Dragon’s command respect and reverence from from all dragons, as well as many other creatures.

Karina is about family Heritage and Historic record keeping.

She will protect and guild you with her abilities and magical fires 

To work with Karina close your eyes and sit in meditation.

Relax your body with deep breaths allow the energy of Karina to merge into your mind.

Focus on any thoughts, feelings, visions as you allow yourself to completely relax. Ask Karina to sit with you in your sacred space bringing in sacred fire and Knowledge. 

Ask her for her guidance and protection and any other requests that you may have need of. Thank Her for her Service 

Karina is the facilitator of the Crown Chakra.

Karina Solaris

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