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Is an Emperor, a Pharoah, a leader, a warrior and teacher. Teos is ancient and full of knowledge. He has learned a great many things throughout time. He has come to pass on what he knows to you and through you. The things you learn from him, he wants you to share with the world.


Teos was there when ancient scrolls were written and he knows their true meaning and interpretation. He wants to share the secrets of the Ancients with you. Things have been misunderstood and also purposely hidden in order for a small few to keep the power for themselves.


Teos has all the knowledge of the great mystery schools, back when it was common knowledge for everyone equally. Anyone who wanted to study was able to. You may have this secret knowledge within yourself as well and Teos is here to help you remember, to reignite those deep hidden memories that resonate in your soul.


Teos wears an Ankh around his neck and says that there is great power in its form. He lived on Earth during the times Ancient Kemet (Egypt) ruled and humans lived to be easily over two hundred years old, but also millennia before that.


Teos wants to connect with you in meditation and dreamtime, when your defenses are down, to bypass the programming that will have you denying the truth he brings. Sit with him, outside when possible, and ask him any questions you have. He will take you to other times and show you, not just with words that could be misinterpreted, but you will experience it for yourself, again.


Teos  will reconnect you with your past knowledge and powers of many lifetimes and help you to embody them in this lifetime. He will help you rise up out of the everyday mundane Earthly existence and return you back to your powerful, infinite, magical self. Reminding you who you truly are.


Cleanse Teos the way you would cleanse your other crystals. You may use sage, running waters, or set him on the Earth in the sun for a short time. He does not prefer one over the other. Follow your instinct each time you feel he needs cleansing, and before each meditation.

Teos is a pre-activated Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull weighing 3.4 pounds measuring 5"L 3"W 4 1/2"H 


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