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Koda is old and wise. He is a Warrior and has seen many a victory in fighting and war. He no longer does the fighting. Koda is now a Warrior of the heart. He defends and protects your heart, allowing it to heal and be restored.


Koda still holds that Warrior spirit and never gives up in his mission. You tell him what it is you need from him and he will assist you any way he can. He wants to help you, so ask. He is used to having orders to follow so give them to him. Be exact in what you want from him. He is your personal heart bodyguard.

Koda has worked at raising his vibration from one of fight and conquer to one of compassion and cooperation. He can help you with that too.


Koda would be considered handsome and charismatic by Earth standards. He has balanced his Divine Masculine and healed it. He can help you do the same. He also helps you hold that vibration so you attract to you other healed masculines instead of wounded ones. He will guard you heart by showing you exactly who is good for your ascension and who has come to hinder it or use your energy for themselves. He will not allow you to be taken advantage of. Sit with Koda often in meditation and get to know him and tell him all about you and your aspirations. The more you interact, the more you will adjust to his higher vibration and be able to communicate more easily. He will warn you and guide you. Listen to that feeling or voice you hear guiding you when working with him.


Koda wants to help you heal your heart and release things from the past that may be holding you back from fully living from your heart space. Hold him to your heart in meditation and ask him to help you. Feel and see his healing green light fill your heart up, filling in any emptiness or damage with pure healing love energy.

You will start to more easily live from this space of love, attracting the like back to you as well. Living through your heart space will fill your life with joy and abundance. Make sure to thank him and show your appreciation when you see what he is doing for you. Take him out in nature and let him sit in the healing sun sometimes.

Cleanse Koda with running water or sage. Set him on the Earth to cleanse and recharge him.

A Fully-Activated Apatite Crystal Skull weighing 3 pounds and 9 ounces and measuring 5"L 3 1/2"W 4 1/2"H


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