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Lady Mily 

Is a Female floral princess. 

Mily is associated with The Empress tarot card. She provides palpable fertility and rebirthing through creation. 

Mily ignites your divine feminine to active and soar within your vessel. She guides you to the maximum potential of your fertility. She reminds you that fertility also reaches all the things you create and birth to existence. 

Mily illuminates the seeds that have been rooting into you, and reminds you that they are growing as you grow. You are the seedling and the fully grown flower. She cultivates the haven for them to sprout. Through this she will ignite your confidence and relieve self-doubt. She encourages you to nurture your blessings, and nurture the miracle that is you. 

Lady Mily is a facilitator of the Sacral + Crown Chakra. 

Lady Mily

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