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($475 + $475= $950 total) Listed here is the second payment of two total. 


Female Shaman

Lakota is the Heartbeat of Mother Earth she speaks to life itself…Lakota calls to the Great Spirit, or to the Creator of us all to breathe life into our spirits and hearts.

She is connected to the feminine divine energies as creators. 

Lakota teaches that our life in the womb of our own mother sets the Heart Beat rhythm of our first existence.

She speaks as a drum beating back to our hearts, and holding sacred space of security and safety.

Lakota is a wise healing Mother energy calling in the natural world to rise up and surround us in harmony.

She encourages drumming and meditation to tune your soul with healing heartbeat medicine.

Feeling into the beats of the drum heals your soul with earths rhythmic resonance connecting to earth, sky, and heaven.

Spiritual drumming with Lakota will drive away illness, depression and adds a light vibration to your spirit.

To work with Lakota...sage your space and sit with any drum or rhythm instrument. You may also sing or chant if one is not available.

Find yourself in a safe space and clear your mind of stress or mental mind chatter.

Begin a rhythmic beat or chant and feel yourself drifting into a deep meditation or trance state of mind.

See her sitting with you and ask her for any advice, visions or healings you have need of. ️

Lakota is a very good drum facilitator for drumming groups.

She is a facilitator of the Heart and Third Eye Chaka and is a pre-activated Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull special carving that weighs 3.33 pounds and is 4 1/2 length.


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