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La Luz

La Luz is an androgynous Being

that is a perfect balance of Masculine and Feminine together as one.

La Luz is a White light being appearing with an elongated head from the 12th dimension that can activate your 12 Chakras.

La Luz helps you travel through other times and spaces, and also assists in connecting you with higher dimensional teachers and masters on other planes of existence. Important lessons that you may need to know to help in your personal ascension will be shared. 

La Luz opens your crown chakra filling it with white golden light to establish and keep your connection open.

He/She shines light on things in your life that are too low vibrational for where you are headed and raises your vibration so that these things fall away out of your life more easily.

If you are drawn to La Luz then you have most likely been doing your healing work and/or working on your chakra activations. Now it is time to move to the next level, all 12 chakras. La Luz has come into your life to assist you in that area... even if you do not feel you are ready, your soul has been doing this work for eternities and you are in fact ready.

Let La Luz guide you like a light in the darkness. Meditate with them with at least one candle burning. Stare into the flame until your eyes naturally begin to close or you begin seeing visions. La Luz will take your hand and guide you on an adventure much like Peter Pan…to lands familiar to your soul , but unknown to you thus far.

You will be protected in the high vibrational light of La Luz. Where you are going fear can not even exist.

La Luz chose the ancient sacred White Jade to help in their mission. White Jade has been used for thousands of years. White Jade holds the light within it. It is known as a the lucky stone, bringing peace, good health, love, and money. Basically, abundance in everything. Reminding you that the light of God is within you too and that you have the power at any given moment to change everything for your highest and greatest good. Everything!

LaLuz is a pre-activated White Jade Crystal Skull.


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