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Guardian Serpent

Archulus is a violet serpent caretaker.

He is a shrewd intelligence, and approachable.

Archulus approaches everything with decisiveness, taking pride from showing others what they can achieve.

Archulus is categorized as an ancient Spirit and He’s directly related to the days of Moses and The healing staff of the Holy Spirit. ⚕️

Archulus was there in beginning of the commission of The Heavenly Healers.

He’s was the over seer of the first Doctors, Nurses, Shamans, Medicine Men and Medicine women. ( other healing arts evolved to this day.)

Archulus is a Spiritual advisor and may be asked any questions pertaining to what ever earthbound creatures might like to know. Archulus enjoys quiet spaces and cave like placements.

Archulus repeats numbers so you my hear numbers in your head or see repeating numbers. He is working in your favor when you begin to see these phenomenons.

Archulus is the facilitator of the Crown Charka.



Shetland pony

Nibon is strong, hardy and friendly has a very friendly energy.

He has a beautiful, thick coat that’s so black, it has a blue sheen on it.

His and black mane, and thick tail make him absolutely adorable!0

He’s literally always the life of the party!

Nibon is always willing to help carry a heavy load of burdens and he can help nibble away stressful situations.

Nibon has a pleasant, uplifting personality and it’s hard to have the blues with him around.

Nibon has a playful vibe and brings the possibility of drawing affection from a love interest.

Nibons good humor will open your heart to others and will ensure successful relationships.

Place Nibon in different places from time to time as he would naturally graze from place to place. He’s always watching out for you safe and appreciates occasional petting. 

Lee Duo

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