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I am a merman from the deep Atlantic Ocean and I am a multidimensional Being who can travel between dimensions. I am referred to as a lighthouse, and you may call me that as well.

My specialty is to guide you on a journey according to your soul’s blueprint.

I attune your energetic field and your chakras so you may open your channel and receive guidance from higher vibrational Beings and your spirit guides. 

I cleanse your aura with my blue healing light and assist you with discernment, by helping you gain a perspective that will allow you to identify things that are not serving you. 

I strengthen your intuition and open your third eye and help you get to know yourself in the deepest layer and forge a close connection with your higherself. 

I show you how to transform yourself and embody your highest vibration so that you become your own lighthouse.

Spend time connecting with me during meditation and deep breathing, and I will communicate with you through your thoughts and gentle nudges.

White Owl is my companion and is five feet tall with white feathers. He is the keeper of wisdom and protects his Crystal Gaurdian. 

Lighthouse is a pre-activated Titaniam Coated Quartz weighing 3 ounces and measuring 2" L. 

Lighthouse & White Owl

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