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Is a Healer that works with plants. 

She has spent her lifetime devoting her life to study plants, and it’s healing power. Flowers are her favorite, especially the lily flowers. Lily spent countless hours combining her spirituality and her knowledge with studying the healing power of flowers and plants.
Lily uses her energy to help you with restoring your body and chakras using the healing power of the plant kingdom. Besides healing, Lily also works with your heart chakra to help your heart chakra blossom and be filled with deep compassion. Her energy can also assist you in connecting with Mother Nature.
To work with Lily...spend some time in nature. Find somewhere quiet to sit down where there are plants around you. Hold Lily on your hand and envision the plants' energy from around you entering your crown chakra down to your root chakra. Let the energy flow and fill your body, relax and open your heart and filled it with gratitude. Be present during your sitting and pay attention to any insights, visions, or messages that come through. You might experience a feeling of peace during your time together. End the sitting when your intuition tells you. Thank Lily and the plants around you.
Cleanse Lily with sage and water. Place her near your house plants.

Lily is a pre-activated 2"length white agate Crystal Skull. 


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