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Interstellar, Space & Time Traveler.

She is a youthful, female Star Being or extraterrestrial.

She is gifted with great intuition and inter dimensional communication abilities. 

She can seemingly, appear and disappear, popping in and out of our reality.

Cache is a very wise fifth dimensional helpful Being and a master of consciousness, who can manipulate space time. 

Cache explains the reason why humans naturally do not travel inter dimensionally is due to the resident human body, that is required to exist and experience the physical plain earth. 

Although this is limited, it’s not seen as a disadvantage due to the physical sensation of the human experience.

The Earth experience is seen as a rare and fascinating anomaly.

Basically, these particular energies think Humans are interesting and worth the efforts to enlightenment and encourage.

They really like us!

Cache says that Earth beings have all the same abilities to travel inter dimensionally though the third eye meditation training.

Cache is a brilliant joyful energy who will teach and empower you to receive positive messages.

She connects you to your spirit guides and ancestors.

Cache can amplify your spiritual gifts, and deepen your meditations. 

This help’s you become very intuitive.

Work with Cache to learn more about the world around you, and way, way beyond.

While in meditation ask Cache to help guide you to what you need, and it will make itself available to you. ️ Cache is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra



Golden Magic Worker

Mystery is a Magical, Sound Practician.

She is a Golden Healer that works with mainly sound vibration’s.

Mystery has a chilled, relaxed personality.

She promotes calmness, and bliss.

Mystery’s grounding nature, anchors in

to the earth’s natural vibration. 

She has a direct line of communication with Mother Gaia, who facilitates all of our good Heath. Mystery encourages the use of positive sounds like chanting, rhythmic waves, and binaural beats. (read up on these is your not sure what they are) 

Mystery uses sound vibration to help with all physical and emotional wellness.

Her grounding vibration improves your over all happiness and life. 🥰

She say’s laugher is one of the best and easiest medicine administered and with all the joyful benefits of life!

To work with Mystery sit with her in meditation, calm

your mind, and connecting with your breath.

Relax into your body and focus on your senses, if you enjoy essential oil this is great for focus, and lavender may be especially helpful.

Start with your own voice chanting OM….begin to feel the healing vibrations expanding out of your heart ️

Mystery is grounding you to the earth, making a connecting to mother Gaia.

As you scan your body for any pain or tension release any anxieties and negative emotions from the body. Begin to feel warmth radiating through the crown of your head. Feel this blessing and healing energy though out your body continue daily.

Thank Mystery for her healing services and blessings in your life.

Mystery is facilitator of The Root and Heart Chaka ♥️

Lori Duo

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