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She is a nature spirit who shows herself with a pink aura and she radiates love and warmth, and has playful energy!
Lovey uses her nurturing presence to assist you with holding a love safe space for you.

She helps you with inner child healing by acknowledging and showing you your strength.
She also assists you in regulating your emotions and grounds you in order to connect with Gaia’s healing power.
Vulnerability energy is her super power and her energy will encourage you to open your heart and let go of old wounds that no longer serve you.
She assists you with deep emotional healing and renews your heart chakra.
Meditate with Lovey and let her warm pink energy blanket cover you and heal you.
Offer Lovey your love and gratitude, and carry her with you when you feel guided.
Cleanse her with sage and water.

She is a Rose Quartz elongated Crystal skull measuring 2 1/2 " inches and weighs 1/4 of a pound. 


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