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Lovey and Joy 

Are twin, crystalline children energies. Each holding balanced masculine and feminine energy. They are highly evolved and reside on the new 5D Earth that we have created. They are awaiting our arrival.

Lovey teaches you unconditional love and forgiveness. Joy teaches you to heal your inner child by following your heart/joy. They work together as one energy.

Hold one in each hand as you meditate with them, Joy in the left and Lovey in the right. Feel their energies grow around you and run through your electrical system, clearing out any stagnant energy and getting things moving again. Joy brings in the new exciting energy that brings joy to your heart and soul, where it is transmuted into your body, filling each cell with light and creating your new higher vibration. Lovey moves the energy through your systems as well, then releases it out into the world around you, full of unconditional love, forgiveness and non judgement. Creating an outward momentum that attracts its like vibration back to you. It is an ever moving, ever evolving system that brings the joy back in and lets the forgiveness and guilt out.

When you need a pick me up or an energy boost, sit with Lovey and Joy for a few minutes to recharge your battery and release anything bogging you down.

Sit with them and tell them the things hurting your heart and inner child. Tell your stories to them and let them release that stagnant energy holding you back from complete healing. Imagine Lovey and Joy each holding one hand and holding safe, sacred space for you to be vulnerable and cry if you need to. The energy must be released and allowed to flow freely from you. 

Your inner child feels safe in their presence. Let them raise her/him up into their higher vibration where they are safe and nothing can touch them, but source love. They are under divine protection now and can come out from hiding and play again. Fully trusting they are no longer alone or in danger.

Lovey and Joy hold the purest vibration, that is why they come across as child energy. They are pure, innocent, source love. Free of judgement and worry. Carefree to follow their joy, trusting the path and the guidance they are receiving from source. They know they are safe, it is never a question, because they never waiver off path. They want to teach you this too. To follow your joy and trust that only good lies before you. What you focus on grows, so focus on love and joy.

They are great for any kind of energy work so take them with you to get your Reiki attunments or when giving them. Set one on each side of the body or room. If the client feels comfortable they may hold them in their hands. Joy in the left, Lovey in the right.

Lovey and Joy will clear and then raise your frequency/vibration, preparing you for your higher vibrational crystalline body. Moving you out of your 3D body and into your higher dimensional crystalline one. The more you work with them the smoother and quicker your transition will be. A daily practice with them is ideal. First thing at sunrise, to set your high vibration for the day ahead and if you can, again before you rest for the night, clearing your energy and prepping it for dream time and the next day.

Make sure to cleanse them well every day and after each session with yourself or others. Cleanse them in running water for a good while, until you feel their energy is light again. Then sage them and set them in the sunlight for an hour or so to recharge them with life giving source energy. You may sit for 15 minutes with them in the sun to do the same for your inner crystalline body.

Lovey is the one with the pointier chin.

These Crystal Quartz Skulls are pre-activated twin tibetan style optical skulls.

Lovey & Joy

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